Wet/Dry Hydrants & Post Indicators


Designed as per NOMA 0502. which applies fur the well thickness, loss of head and hose connection plugs_ Simple nit.tged cortstruction and easy to maintain. lireak away design to prevent accidents to the hydrants. where only the upper part of the riser will be broken upon impact.

Dry Band Design eliminates damage to die hydrant caused by freezing or corrosion of the upper part. Fxrernally sand btamer.1 fur smooth t ni k. painted rod with electrostatic powder coating on the section above iniuud and double mused with Muck bituminous paint on the section below the grciand.

Services :

Design. installation of wet & dry fire hydrant systems with LOX:. PE:, C.S. EkW piping nowark, all kinds of wckling and fribiicalions_ testing, commissioning, mnazacrinnix, 4onlracis. ptcrepding expert 1qTy fighters. training.


Rawest Alshemilah Est.( RASE) rs a leader in lue protection systems at Saudi market Our protection systems are dedicated to protecting each Property and the peoples , Our team have the knowledge and experience necessary to select and install the right system for each applications accordirq to international standards .

The systems which we are supply •rnstalied and maintain. automatic sprinkler system_ hose reel system_ tire rrydrant system. fire sway system and foam system. Whatever your business. wherever you work.Rawesi Alshe rue:1h Est S R ASE ) Is partner to protect you and your property from lire hazards All our wcrIss as per the NFFA and Civit Defense requirements