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About Us Safety Equipment Est.

Fire safety Corporation was established in Dammam, Saudi Arabia to become one of the best Supplier of solutions In the field of security and safety, through our awareness of the importance of easy Multiple safety and security, we have become specialists in our field by providing integrated solutions urn One for all fire fighting systems, high quality fire fighting equipment, and fire alarm systems And guidance systems for emergency exits, security and surveillance systems, in addition to audio and vii and smart homes With the possibility of linking it in sound and image through mobile applications or the Internet.

Our Mission

Protect life and property from lire

Give advice on fire protection measures and fire hazards

Educate the community and to promote the public awareness on fire safety

Our Vision

Serve our country by making it a safe place to live and work all this as per kingdom vision 2030


Upholding high standards of safety and NFPA & CIVIL DEFENSE requirments

Striving for professionalism and continuous improvement to serve community

Waste No More Time!

Fire safety Corporation was established In Dammam, Saudi Arabia to become one of the best Supplier.