UL/FM Approved Fire Pump


UL listed fire pump set includes diesel driven fire pump Electric driven fire pomp

Electric driven fire pomp „Electric driven lockiei pump .

Electric motor control panel , Diesel engine control panel and lochay control panel , Flow meter, premier Gauges

Flow . 50 US GPM to 3000 US GPM

Head 87 PSI to 323 PSI, Fire Pumps, End Suction and Centrifugal Fire Pumps, SprA Cale AN9 VERTICAL TURBINE PUMP

1-Fire Pumps - End Suction

End Suction Pumps are designed according to NFPA 20 for Fire Fighting application. Thn pump n designed with latest technology and has premium components for fast maintenance and absolute efficiency

Performance Range

capacity : From 50 GPM up to 1000 GPM

Head : From 40 MTR up to 220 MTR


- Available In electric motor driven cr engine driven configuration

- Dynamic balanced impellers - AL:al/able In clockuine or counter

- Clockwise rotation to simplify pump roorn layout

Material Construction

Shaft : Stainless Steel

Casing : Ductile iron

Impeller : eronag Shaft Seal Pocking Graphite

2-Flie Pumps - Horuantal Split Case

Split Case Pump is a single stage, non•self•primmg, centrifugal volute pump with radial suction and discharge port. This pump has harizontar pump shaft with the impeller placed In the middle of the shaft and with self contained combination bearing housing and seal chamber on both sides of the impeller. Without disturbing the motor or pipe-wort, the split case construction enables the pump casing to be dis• mantled in the horizontal plane along the drive shaft. Removal and dismantling of the internal pump part

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